Travelling in T1

Last year Imaad and I took a trip to India. The trip was planned months in advance so when I discovered I was pregnant I had some concerns about travelling. The long flights and 20-hour layover in Doha was just the first. I was also worried about how I would cope with being tired, nausea […]

Hello again!

It has been over TWO years since my last post. Since then, much has changed and I have most definitely not been bored. The thought of posting has crossed my mind occasionally, especially with the big events, but I never actually got around to posting anything! For the sake of catching up I will summarise before […]

The King of All Productivity Tools: Goal-settng

I’m actually really surprised to see that despite my lack of recent posts, people have still been visiting (Mental whoooop!). Let’s get right into it then.  As we all know, goal setting is a pretty huge deal when people talk about being productive and here’s why: It is a big deal and it works*. Just […]

Keep it in your pocket

This tweet caught my attention: There is a ‘going out alone’ trend where people leave their phones at home when meeting friends, as a way of giving their undivided attention. Mostly because I had this epiphany ages ago and now get pretty annoyed when people have their phones out ALL THE TIME, even though it’s […]


For those of you who don’t know, the umrah is a minor pilgrimage that Muslims may take to uplift ourselves spiritually. Alhamdullilah I was blessed with going on my second umrah trip! It was a lovely experience, and very different the second time around. This time I was much older and it had more meaning […]