What does a mechanical engineer do?

When I decided I wanted to be an engineer it was because I wanted to design roller coasters. Unfortunately that’s not what most mechanical engineers do. When I was studying and even when I was about to enter the world of work, I still didn’t have a clear idea of what kind of work I’d […]

First job as an Engineer! Part 1.

When I was near the end of my final year at university, I started applying for every graduate programme I could find on the internet. Without a bursary, this was going to be my best bet at finding a job since everyone wants someone with experience. It was brutal and tedious, and filled with so much rejection. I ended up getting interviews at 4 different companies-all really great companies, but not only did I suck at the interviews, I also wasn’t really that interested in working at those companies anyway.

Travelling in T1

Last year Imaad and I took a trip to India. The trip was planned months in advance so when I discovered I was pregnant I had some concerns about travelling. The long flights and 20-hour layover in Doha was just the first. I was also worried about how I would cope with being tired, nausea […]

Hello again!

It has been over TWO years since my last post. Since then, much has changed and I have most definitely not been bored. The thought of posting has crossed my mind occasionally, especially with the big events, but I never actually got around to posting anything! For the sake of catching up I will summarise before […]